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Thanks for 100 years of trustBeam Loss Monitors (BLM)

Beam Loss Monitors

A beam loss monitors (BLM) is a detector that makes use of the ionization effect of charged particles or gamma-rays on an internal gas. Very high sensitivity and short response times make BLMs suitable for beam protection systems that are necessary at proton accelerators and heavy ion beam accelerators etc.


High sensitivity and short response time

Realization of sensitivity 1,000 times that of conventional ionization chambers and a microsecond response time makes it ideal for machine protection systems.

Improved operating life and shock resistance

Chemical cleaning and high-temperature exhausting under vacuum condition on the detector completely eliminates impurities. Dual tube structure substantially improves noise-resistance and facilitates measurement modes ranging from pulse through continuous.


Beam Loss Monitors Lineup Table
Image - - -
Tube Type E6876 - 1000 E6876 - 600 E6876 - 400
Enclosed Gas Ar+ additive gas
Gas Pressure approx. 1atm
Outer Shell Stainless steel
Length 1,000mm 600mm 400mm
Diameter 50.8mm
Effective Length 900mm 500mm 300mm
Connector SHV, BNC
Maximum Voltage 2,000VDC
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