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Thanks for 100 years of trustIonization Chambers

Ionization Chambers

An ionization chamber is a detector that makes use of the ionization effect of X-rays or gamma-rays on an internal gas.
Ionization chambers are suitable for use in high radiation environments.


Long life and high stability

Chemical cleaning and high-temperature exhausting under vacuum condition on the detector completely eliminates impurities.
Strict management of the filler gas.

Improved shock resistance


Ionization Chambers Lineup Table
Image - - - - -
Tube Type E6854 E6861 E6866A E6866C M4952F
General Specifications
Fill Gas 100%Xe
Housing Material SGP Al SUS304 SGP
Gas Pressure approx. 0.8MPa approx. 0.8MPa approx. 1.5MPa approx. 3.0MPa approx. 0.4MPa
Length 209mm 220mm 174.5mm 220mm
Diameter 113mm 50mm 15mm 140mm
Effective Length 150mm 167mm 100mm 50mm
Operating Temperature -20°C - 70°C
Window Specifications
Material Beryllium - - SUS304
Thickness 2.0mm 1.0mm 0.5mm 0.5mm
Dimention Ø70mm - - Ø132mm
Electrical Specifications
Operating Voltage Range 200 - 700VDC 300 - 700VDC 300 - 700VDC 100 - 300VDC
Maximum Voltage 1,500VDC
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